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Six employees become shareholders of Dallaire Consultants

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Six employees become shareholders of Dallaire Consultants

SAINT-LAMBERT, QUE. — Six employees are becoming shareholders of Quebec engineering consulting firm Dallaire Consultants in Saint-Lambert, Que.

Since Sept.1, the six leaders have become shareholders joining Mario Pouliot, Eng., who will take control of the company as the CEO, states a release, adding Philippe Dallaire will remain on the board of directors for a few more years, as a resource person.

The new shareholders are: Jean-Vincent Fafard, P.Eng., Gabriel Jean, P.Eng.; Dounia Kattan-Méthot, P.Eng.; Danny Laberge; Anthony Poirier, Eng.; and Mathieu Tremblay, P.Eng.

The company, an engineering consulting firm specializing in building mechanical and electrical systems, employs nearly 50 people.

“It made sense for the company, for the team, and for myself, to leave the company to key employees so that they could ensure its sustainability,” said founder and engineer Philippe Dallaire in a statement. “Here is a project as motivating as it is mobilizing for young people internally, not to mention that I am delighted to see them move forward and develop this company with their own vision.”

For Dallaire, selling the company or partnering with a competitor was never an option.

“I wanted to pass the torch internally, to those who are imbued with our mission, our values,” Dallaire said. “It was the best alternative to preserve the company’s DNA and honour our young talents. All the elements had been moving in this direction for a few years. The team is growing despite the shortage of manpower, talent is developing and multiplying, our customers appreciate us greatly, contracts are pouring in, and the atmosphere is at its best. This young generation always arrives with new knowledge, creative ideas, and pride…We have trained wisely to come to this transition.”

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Félicitations à Anthony Poirier! Je suis fière de toi!


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