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Hamilton’s 2019 operating budget includes Red Hill Valley Parkway funds

Dena Fehir
Hamilton’s 2019 operating budget includes Red Hill Valley Parkway funds

The City of Hamilton’s approval of its 2019 operating tax budget includes earmarked cash for key, pressing road repair projects.

The budget includes over $75 million for roads, bridges, traffic operations and sidewalks rehabilitation.

Quick attention is being given to the resurfacing of the Red Hill Valley Parkway — the seven-kilometre, north-south stretch that has recently come under scrutiny due to a buried friction test report that was never brought to council or disclosed to the public.

The $10-million for the parkway includes asphalt resurfacing and guardrail removals and installation. The tender for the project closed in early April and is now being reviewed.

As the project takes shape, city council has agreed to set aside $7 million for a judicial inquiry into the circumstances behind the discovery of the safety report on the collision-prone parkway that was mysteriously hidden for five years.

“The project will use high quality asphalt that meets industry specifications for a parkway like the Red Hill, and will also include additional safety measures such as new guardrails to ensure the safety of motorists traveling on the road. The resurfacing project will begin this spring, but details related to the project are still pending,” said Gord McGuire, City of Hamilton’s engineering director.

Other key road projects are:

  • Locke Street Reconstruction — $7.10 million road reconstruction, watermain replacement and streetscaping project that is now underway and due for completion in October, 2019 with Coco Paving being the contractor.
  • Arvin Avenue Reconstruction — $4.3 million road extension, sanitary, storm and watermain construction and Watercourse 7 realignment. The work is currently underway and due for completion in October 2019 with Network Sewer and Watermain being the contractor.
  • Brucedale Avenue Reconstruction — $3.5 million road, sidewalk reconstruction and watermain replacement. Work has recently started and is due for completion in September 2019 with Wesroc Inc. being the contractor.

Hamilton’s 2019 operating tax budget also includes hefty investment in affordable housing and homelessness programs. The city has allotted $99.5 million for provisions such as emergency shelters, supportive housing, new affordable housing construction, and repairs to social housing and eviction prevention programs.

In addition to the investment in roads, bridges, traffic and sidewalks, the $227.1 million in gross capital spending also includes:

  • $24.3 million towards transit initiatives, including upgrades and repairs to 350 transit shelters and 18 replacement Hamilton Street railway buses
  • $20.9 million towards roads growth
  • $15.9 million towards corporate and recreation facilities
  • $10.7 million towards fire and paramedic Services
  • $10.0 million towards central fleet vehicle replacement
  • $8.3 million towards open space development
  • $8.2 million towards West Harbour strategic initiatives
  • $7.5 million towards affordable housing initiatives
  • $4.5 million towards forestry and horticulture
  • $3.7 million towards waste management initiatives
  • $2.8 million towards entertainment facility rehabilitation
  • $2.6 million towards parks and cemeteries
  • $2.4 million towards information technology.

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