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Ministry of Labour identifies three COVID-19 site shutdowns

Ministry of Labour identifies three COVID-19 site shutdowns

TORONTOThe Ontario Ministry of Labour has identified three of the five construction sites shut down for COVID-19-related health and safety violations as cited by Premier Doug Ford during his daily address April 3. 

Ford said there had been 583 inspections and five construction jobsites shut down in the previous week. An update earlier in the week mentioned three site shutdowns and 160 orders given.  

On all three construction projects identified, work was ordered to be stopped because of Occupational Health and Safety Act contraventions that limited good infection-control practices, the ministry reported Monday. Further details of the orders at those sites are not available due to continuing investigations.

Not all of the 160 orders issued were related to containing the spread of COVID-19, the ministry said, with inspectors noting other OHSA violations during their site visits.

On March 27, a workplace on Yonge Street in East Gwillimbury was shut down due to concerns over COVID-19 hygiene. The constructor is Fieldgate Construction Management. Two orders were given.

On March 30, a jobsite on Grand Magazine Street in Toronto was shut down due to “general lack of hygiene related to COVID-19” with three orders given. Two orders were given to constructor Onni Contracting (Ontario) and three to employer Quest Window Systems.

On March 31, a construction site on Cordova Avenue in Etobicoke in Toronto was shut down due to “lack of hygiene and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and policies and procedures posted by the employer regarding COVID-19 not being followed,” the ministry further reported. Two orders were issued to constructor Deltera and one to Resform Construction.

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Eva Bird Image Eva Bird

I live in a condo that has been undergoing underground renovation for the last 3 summers. They have again come back to continue with extremely loud cement drilling from 8 am to about 5 pm. As I am 76 years old and have been told by the government to self isolate and stay home h
How do I do this while having the above work raise my blood pressure, increase my stress , alter my heart rate etc. Before the ovid 19 emergency I could at least leave my condo go to the library ,visit friends and relatives , go to lunch , movies etc. Now I am forced to stay home and wait for all the negative health consequences that will arise. My condo board will do nothing as it does not want to pay the penalty they believe the contractor threatens to impose. This is not an essential repair and could well be postponed until after the covid emergency. Please help while I still am healthy.

Devinder Anand Image Devinder Anand

Hi Eva,

It is really sad to hear and I hope since our Premier Doug Ford issued stop some construction like this will help you to get well soon. As per my opinion your building management company should listen to you and should accommodate you some how via condo fees etc.
Take care and have a great day.



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