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Ontario announces preferred route for new 400-series highway

DCN-JOC News Services
Ontario announces preferred route for new 400-series highway

TORONTO — The Ontario government has confirmed the preferred route for a new 400-series highway and transit corridor across York, Peel and Halton regions.

The GTA West corridor will include a four- to six-lane 400-series highway and separate infrastructure dedicated for transit and passenger stations, as well as intelligent transportation features and truck parking, stated an Aug. 7 release.

The preferred route consists of the route and interchange locations. Preliminary design and further consultations will be undertaken over the next two years as the design is further developed.

The route connects with the 401 in the east, east of Trafalgar Road in Halton, proceeds north and then east north of 17 Sideroad in Peel, then connecting with the 400 south of King Road in York Region.

The route incorporates feedback received from stakeholders and the public as well as new land use and environmental information.

“The Greater Golden Horseshoe is an economic driver for the province and addressing transportation needs in this region is essential to the competitiveness of our economy,” said Caroline Mulroney, minister of transportation, in the statement. “The GTA West Corridor will help alleviate traffic congestion and improve the movement of people and goods across the province.”

The environmental assessment for the GTA West Corridor is expected to be complete by the end of 2022.

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Mike Rumig Image Mike Rumig

Just take back the 407. Problem fixed.

Glenn Image Glenn

Fantastic …go all.the way to the 404 then back down to the 407

Bruno Malfara Image Bruno Malfara

Folks this highway is a waste of hard working taxpayer money. The proposed highway will devastate prime farm land as well as mature greenbelt.
The province wants to put a highway through all of the GTAs watersheds that are the source water for our drinking water and provide natural storm water management (i.e. flood protection and prevention). These two items will be increasingly difficult and expensive for governments to manage as impacts from Climate Change amplify. I honestly think it is negligent and unethical for them to proceed.
In 2017 an expert panel recommended to the previous liberal government not to proceed. The highway was a wasteful spend of taxpayers money. They recommended expanding our GO Train Network – secondary road widening and others. The current government has not taken into account the effects of COVID. Corporations have realized that many of their employees can work from home. This will be the norm moving forward. Many corporations are now looking at reducing their real estate footprint as a result of their employees working from home. The net result is there will be much fewer cars on the road. This is here to stay.
This highway is a wasteful spend of taxpayers money – A few developers will benefit at the expense of the taxpayer

Jay Image Jay

This is a very well plan.

Pete Greenwater Image Pete Greenwater

We need farmland, not another useless highway for a growing population. There are other solutions available. Bottom line. We need food from our farmlands. You can’t eat asphalt and concrete.


What are we doing here! Is money growing on trees? We need to be fiscally responsible.
Expand what we have. Hwy 9 is already 2 lanes each way, make it 4 and expand the north south arteries such as 27, 50, 427…. moving west. Subsidize hwy 407. I am sure a few cars and truck can travel along hwy 407 for the 6 billion dollar price tag and it’s only 10 minutes south of the proposed exit off hwy 400. The government is willing to spend 6 billion dollars plus plus plus on a road that truck drivers can travel an additional 10 minutes to use that’s available. What am I missing?

How is this to benefit Ontarian taxpayers?
The only people that will gain from this are the developer that are holding the land! Money makes money!

This money can be better spent on fixing existing infrastructure and transportation.
Listen up and speak up Ontario this is your taxpayer dollars that’s being wasted with no benefits.

Corrie Galloway Image Corrie Galloway

This is a disastrous proposal . The pandemic has demonstrated that food security is an ominous issue & yet this government is prepared to pave over invaluable agricultural lands Aa other reviewers have pointed out optimistically that future workers will be driving less We should be investing in public transit to encourage less pollution


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