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Man charged in east Ottawa explosion pleads guilty to two charges

The Canadian Press
Man charged in east Ottawa explosion pleads guilty to two charges

OTTAWA – The man charged in connection with an east Ottawa explosion that destroyed several homes and injured a dozen people entered a guilty plea today.

Kody Troy Crosby, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of breaking and entering and one count of intentionally or recklessly causing an explosion to homes and causing bodily harm to three people.

People in the east end of Ottawa woke up to a massive boom on Feb. 13 as a ball of fire rose into the air.

The blast sent six people to the hospital, destroyed four homes under construction in the newly built Avalon Vista community in Orleans and damaged many others.

An Ottawa courtroom heard today that Crosby knew there was a risk of an explosion when he stole two water heaters from two homes under construction and left a natural gas line open.

A sentencing hearing is expected later today for Crosby, who has already served six months in pre-sentencing custody.


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