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Major watermain breaks reported in north, south Mississauga

DCN-JOC News Services
Major watermain breaks reported in north, south Mississauga
PEEL POLICE TWITTER — Peel Police posted a photograph of a road closure due to a watermain break on McLaughlin Road at Courtneypark Drive in northern Mississauga on Jan. 6.

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. — Peel police have reported two instances of severe watermain breaks in two different districts of Mississauga.

The first was reported on Lakeshore Road West between Lorne Park Road and Ibar Way in the late afternoon of Jan. 5.

Heavy flooding was reported and crews were on the scene. The police Twitter account stated the stretch of roadway would be closed until 5 p.m. the afternoon of Jan. 6 and that sinkholes were forming.

Elaine Gilliland, director of water and wastewater operations for the Region of Peel, said the break was caused by a contractor engaged in digging on Lakeshore Road who hit a watermain. There was a hole in the road 15 metres by 15 metres by 2.5 metres deep. 

As of noon on Jan. 6 the watermain was being repaired. Water to approximately 70 homes was affected when the watermain was shut off. It was expected the repair work would be completed shortly.

“Once the water is on we will backfill the site and the material needs approximately 10 hours to cure, then we will pave,” said Gilliland.

No injuries were reported but some vehicles did get stuck in the flooding.

The next morning, Jan. 6, a severe watermain break was reported on McLaughlin Road at Courtneypark Drive in northern Mississauga. McLaughlin was closed between Rothschild Trail and Courtneypark Drive. Crews were on the scene and the road was closed with no timetable for reopening.

By noon the cause of the break had not yet been determined. Crews from the Region of Peel, working with the City of Mississauga, were aiming to turn the water off so they could dig down to the break, Gilliland said.


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