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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Demolition, reconstruction progressing on Gardiner Expressway

Demolition, reconstruction progressing on Gardiner Expressway
CITY OF TORONTO INSTAGRAM — Demolition work on the Gardiner Expressway rehabilitation project began in May. Work started near Dufferin Street and moved east to Strachan Avenue. Pictured is the demolition of 100 metres, equivalent to two lanes in width, of elevated roadway. The city reported it has been clearing demolition debris and transporting it for recycling.

TORONTO — The City of Toronto continues to make progress in the rehabilitation of the Gardiner Expressway, the City of Toronto reported recently on social media.

As part of the next phase of work, demolition is taking place on the Gardiner Expressway between Dufferin Street and Strachan Avenue. The work is part of the larger rehabilitation project.

Construction work on section one was completed in 2021. 

The scope of work for Gardiner section two involves replacing 700 metres of concrete deck and girders, rehabilitating the associated substructure and installing new street lighting.

Demolition and reconstruction work began in May. The work took place in three main stages, ensuring a minimum of two lanes of traffic are open in each direction. Stage one is the south portion; stage two is the centre portion; and stage three is the north portion.

Work will include full demolition and rebuilding of the elevated road, including all asphalt and the concrete deck and girders, and installing 700 horizontal support beams also known as concrete box girders; rehabilitating the support system for the elevated road, including modifying 35 vertical piers, also known as bents; installing new concrete barriers; and installing new lighting and traffic monitoring systems.

At the end of May the demolition work over the Exhibition GO Station began, which involved saw cutting and hydraulic hammers.

For more information visit Section 2: Dufferin Street to Strachan Avenue – City of Toronto

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