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Pre-Bid Projects

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Sponsored Content: Homeowners Expect You to Understand the BC Building Code

Sponsored by Ashton College

Ashton College
Sponsored Content: Homeowners Expect You to Understand the BC Building Code

Tradespeople, contractors, builders, and home inspectors all know a lot about the construction industry. They can answer a wide range of questions from homeowners whether they are running a site, inspecting an attic, managing behind the scenes or are in the homeowner’s home doing the work.  

Each of these people should have a strong knowledge of the latest building code (BC Building Code 2018) to be able to answer questions a homeowner might ask. Certainly no one can memorize everything in the BC building code, but those who take continuing education courses such as the introduction to the code course offered by Ashton College, will gain an understanding of the elements within the code and where to look for specific answers.

Why a Homeowner Cares About the Building Code

You may think the building code is only important to those in the designing, planning, and building of a homeowner’s residence, but the homeowner has an interest too. They have a direct stake in ensuring you can follow the code. They want to be certain that their home is as safe as it possibly can be and that any changes or alterations to a plan will also follow the province’s code that ensures safety, health, accessibility, and other building standards.

New construction is one area where plans are created that follow the code’s requirements. However, if a homeowner has requested a change to the plan, such as putting an extra window in the furnace room, will this still meet the code? The homeowner expects you to be able to answer that question. By taking a course that covers the application and non-application of the code, you will be able to find the right information to determine if the window can be installed, and if so, what the specs are for it.

Alternatively, if you are involved in renovations, you will want to know the acceptable solutions outlined in the code. If the homeowner wants to remove a wall, you will need to be able to point to the fact that a load-bearing wall requires certain accommodations in order to follow the code and ensure safety. Homeowners hire a company or individual for their expertise and when they can back up their knowledge with the requirements of the province, it makes conversations much simpler. You can point to the exact information that makes a change acceptable and safe or not.

Learning the BC Building Code Can be Easy

Ashton College knows you are busy working during the day and do not have a lot of time to consider additional education and taking classes. That is why they have made learning the building code easy through their Live Online education portal. Not only can you attend weekly evening webinars from the comfort of your own computer, you will also be able to interact with fellow students and the instructor through the other online systems that creates a positive, yet remote, classroom experience. No driving to class, paying for parking or racing off the job site to make it to a campus on the other side of the city.

Do not expect some boring presentation of the code either. The course brings real-life examples into focus that give students memorable touch-points on how the code works and applies within their day-to-day work.

Knowing the Code Can Advance Your Career or Your Business

Sure, you need to know your trade, area of expertise or project management skills inside and out to progress in your career or start your own business. It takes more than just knowing the code to get ahead. However, it is an excellent way to prove that you know and understand your trade and how the code impacts it, as well as showing that you are willing to learn the information that helps others as well as yourself. To get even further ahead in your career and business, consider taking a communication course through Ashton College. Training in this area will help you to clearly communicate with other contractors and clients so you can effectively convey your insight and knowledge about the BC Building Code.

This knowledge makes you a more valuable employee or contractor and a source of knowledge for others to turn to on the job site, whether it’s a homeowner or fellow worker.

This content is sponsored by Ashton College in collaboration with ConstructConnect® Media. Ashton college offers Red seal exam preparation courses for nine trades: Carpenter, Plumber, Construction Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Automotive Service Technician, Dozer, Cook/Chef and Steamfitter/Pipefitter. To learn more about Ashton College, visit

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