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Sponsored Content: CSA Group Infection Control Virtual Training

Sponsored by CSA Group

CSA Group
Sponsored Content: CSA Group Infection Control Virtual Training

Virtual infection control training is now available on the CSA Store. The course, delivered in two parts, consists of two 4-hour Fundamentals sessions and two 4-hour Effective Implementation and Practical Applications sessions. The training is instructor-led by five industry experts from across health care facility management and academia. They are Gordon D. Burrill, Mike Hickey, George Pankiw, Gary Stairs and Jessica Fullerton.

“These courses help attendees understand why the standard says the types of things that it does. What’s in the standard, where it is, and how to find it when they need it. The aim for participants of these classes is to be in a better position to build comprehensive infection risk mitigation strategies.” explains Gordon D. Burrill.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak, CSA Group has made it their purpose to adapt to the new manufacturing, health care, construction and work-from-home demands. In addition to virtual training, CSA Group has seen an increase in demand for eBook and PDF format standards. These include CSA Z8000-18, Canadian health care facilities (ideal for new health care facility construction) and CAN/CSA-Z317.13-17, Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities.

Gordon was Chair of the CSA committee that develops the Z317.13 standard for the 2007, 2012 and 2017 editions. Infection control training is a necessary requirement for multiple health care construction projects in Canada. Gordon also explains the significance of Infection Control training at this time:

“The biggest reason I like to teach these courses is that, when we are finished, I know there is another group of professionals who will be going back to their respective projects with an enhanced understanding of the risks created by the work they are doing in relation to health care buildings. With this knowledge comes a noticeable effort to improve the safety of these project sites for everybody involved.  Lives are being saved and loved ones are returning to their families to resume their lives healthy and well.”

To learn more and register for virtual infection control training, click here.

For more information on how CSA Group is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak please visit the CSA Group website.

About CSA Group and Health care

For over 60 years, CSA Group has led the development of innovative standards to address new developments and challenges in health care and well-being. Many of our standards are referenced in legislation and guidance documents that help safeguard human life and contribute to the progressive improvement of human well-being.

The mission of CSA Group’s Standard Development organization is to enhance the lives of Canadians through the advancement of standards in the public and private sectors. We are a leader in standards research, development, education, and advocacy. The technical and management standards developed with our 10,000 members improve safety, health, the environment, and economic efficiency in Canada and beyond.

Products mentioned in this article:


Infection Control: Part 1 – Fundamentals

Infection Control: Part 2 – Effective Implementation and Practical Applications


CSA Z8000-18, Canadian health care facilities

CAN/CSA-Z317.13-17, Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities

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