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Sponsored Content: CSA Group enhances the lives of Canadians through the advancement of standards in public and private sectors

Sponsored by CSA Group

CSA Group
Sponsored Content: CSA Group enhances the lives of Canadians through the advancement of standards in public and private sectors

The mission of CSA Group’s Standard Development organization is to enhance the lives of Canadians through the advancement of standards in public and private sectors. We are a leader in standards research, development, education, and advocacy. The technical and management standards developed with our over 10,000 members improve safety, health, the environment, and economic efficiency in Canada and beyond.

CAN/CSA-Z317.13-17 Infection Control during Construction Standard & Training

The Standard provides guidance on preventive measures intended to protect patients, staff, and visitors from disease transmission and other health problems, such as allergic reactions, that can be produced during the construction, renovation, or maintenance of health care facilities.

CAN/CSA-Z317.13-17 Standard

Training Courses:
Infection Control: Part 1: Fundamentals of Infection Control during Construction
Infection Control: Part 2: Effective Implementation & Practical Applications

CSA S6:19 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and Commentary

CSA S6:19 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and Commentary

The 2019 editions of the CSA S6, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and CSA S6.1, Commentary on CSA S6:19, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code have been published and are available for purchase.

Click here to learn more.

Z8000-18 Canadian Health Care Facilities

Z8000-18 Canadian Health Care Facilities

This is the second edition of CSA Z8000, Canadian health care facilities. It supersedes the previous edition published in 2011.

It is part of a series of Standards related to health care facility engineering and sets forth planning, design, and construction requirements intended to support five key objectives for health care facility design (the OASIS principles)

Training Course:

Z8000-18 Canadian Health Care Facilities (Coming late 2020/early 2021)

CSA-Z317.2:19 HVAC Systems in a Health Care Facility & Training

CSA Z317.2:19 – Special requirements for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in health care facilities

This Standard is intended for use by architects, engineers, planners, consultants, and health care facility staff to ensure the efficient planning, design, construction, and maintenance of HVAC systems. In addition to design and construction requirements, this Standard includes commissioning, operational, maintenance, and monitoring requirements for HVAC systems.

Training Course:

Indoor Air Quality – The Role of HVAC Systems in Health Care Facilities (Coming September 2020)

Standards and Codes with Climate Change Considerations

CSA S478:19, Durability in buildings
Sets forth minimum requirements to assist designers in creating durable buildings

CSA W200-18, Design of bioretention systems
Provides requirements and recommendations for the design of bioretention systems intended for the management of urban stormwater runoff.

CSA W201-18, Construction of Bioretention Systems
Covers the construction considerations for bioretention systems

CAN/CSA W202-18, Erosion and sediment control inspection and monitoring (for construction sites)
Provides requirements for the inspection and monitoring of erosion and sediment control measures installed on construction sites

CSA W204:19, Flood Resilient Design for New Residential Communities
Provides compliance criteria and guidance on the design of flood-resilient new residential communities as it relates to greenfield development

CSA Z800-18, Guideline on Basement Flood Protection and Risk Reduction
Assists relevant stakeholders in the mitigation of basement flood risk for new and existing National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) Part 9 residential buildings

Covers existing, new, rebuilt, and renovated houses in rural and urban settings

CSA PLUS 4013:19, Technical guide: Development, interpretation and use of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) information: Guideline for Canadian water resources practitioners
Designed for professionals with a role in the planning, design, management, inspection, and regulation of stormwater, drainage, wastewater, and flood management systems

CSA S6:19, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC)
As part of the NRC Climate-Resilient Buildings & Core Public Infrastructure Initiative, the CSA S6 CHBDC is undergoing a two-phase update to include climate change considerations: Phase I – Initiated to develop climate change adaptation requirements and guidance for the 2019 edition. Phase II – Will provide a comprehensive assessment of climate change adaptation issues impacting CSA S6. The project involves a series of cross-Canada workshops and research, and will provide recommendations for the 2024 edition of CSA S6 CHBDC.

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