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Toronto Public Health won’t identify shuttered workplaces

Don Wall
Toronto Public Health won’t identify shuttered workplaces

No construction workplaces were shut down in Peel Region on the first workday following the launch of the Section 22 Class Order workplace closure programs on April 23. 

Peel Public Health released the news that two workplaces, both Amazon fulfillment centres, were partially closed under the program, on Saturday, April 24 

But Toronto Public Health has made the decision it will not be disclosing which workplaces that have suffered outbreaks will be targeted, although it continues to publish details of workplace outbreaksupdated each Thursday. 

Under the Section 22 programs, Toronto Public Health and the Peel Public Health have the power to close workplaces where COVID-19 outbreaks have been identifiedThe public health units announced they will order workplaces that have reported five or more cases of COVID-19 within the previous 14 days to close for 10 days.  

The plan applies where the cases could have been reasonably identified as acquired at work, a release explained, or where no obvious source of infection has been identified outside of the workplace.  

A release issued Friday from Toronto Public Health stated, At this time, TPH will not be posting the workplaces that have been closed under the Section 22 Class Order.  

TPH will evaluate what workplaces may need to be fully or partially closed, or require a dismissal of shifts or teams. If a workplace is required to take further action under the Order, TPH will communicate directly with the owner or operator of the facility.”   

According to Toronto Public Health, the following Toronto construction workplaces had 20 or more employees and had experienced an active COVID-19 outbreak or had outbreaks that were declared over within the week ending April 22: 

  • Crosslinxtwo cases, outbreak declared April 15, outbreak declared resolved April 20 
  • Crosslinx, 11 cases, declared April 18  
  • Crosslinx, Alltrade11 cases, declared April 8 
  • EllisDon, 11 cases, declared April 21 
  • Keelesdale, Daniels, seven cases, declared April 15 
  • King Component (sheet metal manufacturer), nine cases, outbreak April 19 
  • PCL Constructors Canada, five declared April 14 
  • PoolConstructionsix cases, declared April 16, resolved April 19 
  • Structform International (concrete services), 10 cases, declared April 18  
  • Suspended Stages (construction equipment rentals)four cases, declared April 8, resolved April 19 
  • Winslow-Devron Developmentsthree cases, declared April 15, resolved April 19


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