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WSIB campaign encourages jobseekers to use Safety Check feature

DCN-JOC News Services
WSIB campaign encourages jobseekers to use Safety Check feature

TORONTO — The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) newest ad campaign promotes the Safety Check feature as an important tool to help people who are job searching.

According to the campaign message, the right way for job hunters to find out health and safety information on a company is to do a WSIB Safety Check and the wrong way is to become a detective and investigate the company yourself.

The four-week campaign will run until November 19 and includes TV ads as well as ads running on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other mobile gaming apps.

Safety Check is a tool that anyone can use to check out the safety record of any business in Ontario registered with the WSIB, indicates a release, adding people can see the number and types of injuries a business has and also compare one business to any other or against others in the same industry.

“When you’re considering a new job, you might ask yourself questions like: What’s the salary? Does this fit with my career goals? Is it hybrid? But we want people to add on an important consideration: How safe is this workplace? Safety Check can help them answer this,” said Lee-Anne Black, vice-president of corporate business information and analytics at the WSIB, in a statement.

To watch the YouTube video visit 

More information on the Safety Check feature can be found at Safety Check (

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Katrina B Image Katrina B

In my opinion the most important information about future employer is how many ndas employer has in the far or close past. Thanks


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