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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Major redevelopment announced for Sherway Gardens property

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Major redevelopment announced for Sherway Gardens property
CADILLAC FAIRVIEW — A rezoning application to permit phase one redevelopment of CF Sherway Gardens lands in Toronto has been filed with the City of Toronto.

TORONTO — Cadillac Fairview and DiamondCorp have announced plans to redevelop lands surrounding CF Sherway Gardens in west Toronto for multiple uses.

A master plan includes redevelopment of peripheral parking lands into a new community with several buildings containing a mix of residential, office and retail uses, a range of new parks, open spaces, a combination of private and public streets, and pedestrian and cycling connections, stated a recent release.

The mall itself will be retained.

The first phase of development is located on the north side of the shopping centre, fronting The Queensway. The phase will include 1.28 million square feet of mixed-use development, consisting of four new buildings, two condominiums and two rental residential buildings, with retail and amenities. A new public park is proposed as well as a pedestrian urban plaza and a large landscaped zone along The Queensway, including a multi-use path and plantings.

The rezoning application required to permit the Phase 1 development has been filed with the City of Toronto.

“We look forward to partnering with Cadillac Fairview to bring quality residences to the CF Sherway Gardens community, and working with key community stakeholders, the city and the broader community through the municipal planning consultation process to bring this vision to life,” said Stephen Diamond, CEO of DiamondCorp., in a statement.


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