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Quinte, ON
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CC Reference: 4270660

Hospice Quinte

Request for General Contractor Pre-Qualification (RFPQ)

PRISM Partners Inc., on behalf of Hospice Quinte, invites general contractors to submit pre-qualification information to qualify for upcoming construction work.

The intent of this Request for General Contractor Pre-Qualification is for Hospice Quinte to pre-qualify a list of eight (8) General Contractors suitable to provide construction services for a new 6-bed hospice residence facility (The “Project”). Also housed within the Facility will be associated palliative support programs and services. The Project will be approximately 11,000 gross square feet of new building, site infrastructure/site services, associated parking, landscaping and garden space.

For further information and to obtain the RFPQ package, interested general contractors must log onto MERX (, search for the project under the title: Hospice Quinte Project, and download the attached file under “Documents” tab.

Submission deadline date is: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT.

Packages sent by facsimile or by email shall not be accepted.