Daily Top 10 Construction Projects in Ontario

The 10 largest civil and commercial construction projects updated by ConstructConnect on July 24, 2021, totaling $306,757,800. Check back daily for the latest project updates

Value 000s Stage Project Name Location
$39,000 Planning Fire and Police Stations Brantford, ON
$24,000 Bidding Clubs, Community Centers, Special, Vocational Schools, Parks and Landscaping Scarborough, ON
$22,500 Bidding Warehouses Mississauga, ON
$18,800 Planning Roads Milton, ON
$18,000 Bidding College, University Waterloo, ON
$15,000 Planning Sewers and Water Mains, Roads York, ON
$13,975 Post Bid Sewers and Water Mains Ottawa, ON
$6,200 Bidding Medical Offices Lindsay, ON
$5,000 Bidding Roads Guelph, ON
$3,000 Bidding Sewers and Water Mains Sudbury, ON