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Industry groups call for high performance buildings

JOC News Service
Industry groups call for high performance buildings

ST. ANDREWS, N.B. – Building and energy industry groups are calling for Canada to embrace ultra-energy-efficient and low-carbon construction. Ten industry groups have written a letter to catch the attention of Canada’s energy and mines ministers who gathered for their annual meeting in New Brunswick recently.

"Some of the lowest cost, most rapidly achievable reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions are found in the building sector," said Elizabeth McDonald, president and CEO, of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance in a press release.

The letter signees include the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the Pembina Institute, Passive House Canada, Sustainable Buildings Canada and more.

The letter urges the rapid and complete implementation of the building-sector commitments set out in the Pan-Canadian Framework which was adopted eight months ago.

Specifically, the groups want to drive momentum toward "net-zero energy ready" new construction, accelerate retrofits and emissions reductions in existing buildings and lead by example with public buildings.

The group suggests setting a clear expectation for provinces that all new construction should be net-zero energy ready by 2030, supporting provinces in requiring mandatory home energy labelling at the time of listing, developing a comprehensive strategy for existing buildings and requiring new publicly-owned buildings to be built to net-zero energy ready standards as of this year.

"Canada has an important opportunity to transform the built environment and transition to a low-carbon future, while enhancing the performance and liveability of Canadian homes and businesses," reads the letter. "To truly have a chance to meet our Paris commitments, individuals and companies need support to implement energy efficient practices at work and at home."

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