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Letter to the Editor: CBA ‘breakfast table’ discussion needs to expose the hard truth

Paul de Jong
Letter to the Editor: CBA ‘breakfast table’ discussion needs to expose the hard truth


To the Editor,

Re: Credit Union wants CBA debate to be a ‘breakfast table’ issue


We agree with the CEO of the Community Savings Credit Union when he suggests B.C.’s CBA policy should be a discussion around the breakfast tables of British Columbians.

Perhaps that conversation should start with an explanation of why mom or dad are barred from building public projects in B.C. The answer won’t be found among the glossy charts and graphs that are part of the Credit Union’s “analysis” of B.C.’s CBA; one that leaves out more than a few relevant facts and figures that expose the hard truth.

For example, Premier John Horgan’s CBA framework on public projects funnels 100 per cent of the work to a select group of building trades who make up just 15 per cent of the province’s construction workforce. Given that 85 per cent of B.C.’s 250,000 construction workers choose not to affiliate with Horgan’s favoured unions, this means that 215,000 workers are excluded from the so-called “benefits” of Horgan’s CBA. So how does this benefit B.C. families?

Thousands of parents, relatives or friends who make up the vast majority of the province’s construction workforce have not been treated fairly under Horgan’s CBA policy. They bring the kind of perspective that’s needed in any conversation about CBAs in B.C., before anyone declares it a “winning strategy.”


Paul de Jong is president of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada.

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Mark Miller Image Mark Miller

Oh, for heaven’s sake Paul. When will you actually take the time to read the agreement? These projects do not exclude anyone, and simply ensure that these jobs are done under Union agreements with Pensions, Benefits, training and fair treatment to all. Paul’s organization has already lost two court battles over this agreement and are just plain wrong in their characterization of the situation. This is just sour grapes. It’s time to move on.


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