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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Research projects on housing and infrastructure challenges receive funding from feds

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Research projects on housing and infrastructure challenges receive funding from feds

OTTAWA — The federal government is investing almost $6 million for 12 projects under the Research and Knowledge Initiative’s first call for proposals, which will provide funding to eligible applicants for research projects that tackle housing and infrastructure challenges in communities.

From tools that will help prepare for the impacts of climate change to research on affordability and poverty measures within local housing programs, to sensors on northern buildings to gather data for better arctic designs, these projects will build a body of knowledge that will help address these issues and needs, states a release.

A research team in Edmonton will combine innovative modelling on human behaviour, transportation and wildfires. The project will help communities better plan for and manage emergency responses, infrastructure needs and evacuation approaches in the event of wildfires, the release indicates.

In addition, the Government of Prince Edward Island is making coastal hazard information and floodplain maps publicly available in Charlottetown. Once complete, the project will support infrastructure adaptation, better protect communities and increase resilience in a changing climate.

The University of Toronto, in collaboration with the City of Toronto and other organizations, will work to better understand how government investments in infrastructure can enable low-carbon mobility choices, while enhancing air quality, public health, and equity.

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