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Pre-Bid Projects

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Interactive Transport Futures mobility pricing webinars celebrate the past, encourage discussion

Angela Gismondi
Interactive Transport Futures mobility pricing webinars celebrate the past, encourage discussion

Transport Futures (TF) is celebrating its 15th anniversary by reflecting on the past in its upcoming webinars on mobility pricing.

Billed Mobility Pricing Conversations, the six online sessions will feature six speakers from Transport Future’s 34 previous events discussing challenges and accomplishments related to implementing road tolls, parking, gas taxes and transit fares. 

The format for this session is different from the past, said Transport Futures founder Martin Collier. The program features a one-hour, conversational and interactive session with opportunities for delegates to participate, ask questions and provide comments verbally and through the chat function.

“It’s six different seminars but the difference with this one, instead of having six or seven people per session, there will just be one and there’s not going to be presentations so much, it’s more of a conversation,” Collier told the Daily Commercial News. “That’s why I’m calling it a mobility pricing conversation because there is definitely more time for Q&A this time. The delegates can all come in and weigh in with their own comments and questions as well. We want to leave time for as many people as possible to participate.”

During the sessions, Collier will ask the experts to revisit what was happening when they first presented, how their work has progressed since then and what they see happening going forward. Collier said it’s special to be able to bring back the speakers for the 15th anniversary of Transport Futures. The first session took place Nov. 13, 2008.

“These are all speakers who have spoken before. The most recent is 2014 and going back to 2008,” he said. “We’re celebrating the 15th anniversary by bringing back the speakers we’ve had previously and saying what were we talking about in 2008, 2009, 2010 and what has happened since and what is happening going forward, especially in what I call a ‘COVID-altered world.’

“A lot of people have forgotten that it happened but it definitely had an impact on transportation and choices and work from home.”

There will be speakers from Holland, Sweden, Oregon and Arizona in the U.S. and local speakers from Toronto and Peterborough.

“We’re talking about mobility pricing, we’re talking about where do we get the revenues to pay for the infrastructure we need to build. In every case we’re going to be talking about ‘OK, what is the infrastructure that is needed but more, what’s the best way to pay for it,’” Collier explained.

“We will be focusing mainly on how do you gain public acceptance for these ways of paying because everybody wants the infrastructure, they want to have the connectivity, they want to get to where they want to go without congestion but most people aren’t willing to pay for it.”

The first session kicks off Nov. 16 at 1pm with The Evolution of Stockholm’s Congestion Charge led by Gunnar Söderholm from Sweden.

Other sessions include:

  • Nov. 21 (1-2pm ET): The Dutch Mobility Transition with Germa Bakker, Gooi and Vechtsteek Region, The Netherlands.
  • Nov. 30 (1-2pm ET): Whither the Gas Tax? with Harry Kitchen, Trent University, Canada.
  • Dec. 7 (1-2pm ET): Forging a Path to US Road Usage Charging with Randal Thomas, Oregon Department of Transportation/RUC America, USA.
  • Dec. 14 (1-2pm ET): Putting Parking in its Proper Place with David King, Arizona State University, USA.
  • Dec. 19 (1-2pm ET): Transit Fare Policy Challenges and Strategies with Brendon Hemily, Hemily & Associates, Canada. 

For more information and to register for sessions visit TF Mobility Pricing Conversations

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