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Pre-Bid Projects

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Road painters convert gear to spray virus-killing disinfectant

Russell Hixson
Road painters convert gear to spray virus-killing disinfectant
EVERLINE COATINGS & SERVICES - EverLine Coatings & Services is repurposing its line painting and asphalt maintenance equipment to disinfect surfaces across Canada.

A Canadian line painting and asphalt maintenance company is repurposing its equipment to spray disinfectant needed to combat the global COVID-19 crisis.

Calgary-based EverLine Coatings & Services announced that it is the first in the world to repurpose its line painting equipment to become mobile disinfectors. The company now offers pressurized, mobile disinfecting services for surfaces at hospitals, grocery stores, distribution centres, and other high-traffic businesses and public locations across Canada. 

“We want to be part of the solution to keep people safe during this crisis. I was so fortunate to discover that this is actually feasible and affordable for clients – and could potentially save lives,” said John Evans, EverLine president. “I felt it was my duty as a Canadian and as a human being to concentrate my company’s resources, so that we could help in any way possible. There is not a better time to get this work done, and we are ready to work around the clock to help out. Line painting machines are uniquely effective by being mobile and can apply disinfectant with a concentrated blast that will blow this virus into oblivion.”

He explained that traditionally the equipment is designed to handle acetone-based traffic paint, but the company was able to convert the hoses and lines to handle disinfectant. This included changing out hoses and packing systems as well as adjusting the spray tips to deliver a more fine, targeted spray.

When the virus began to hit, Evans held conference calls to come up with ways to not only help combat the virus, but also keep EverLine going.

“We are not looking to get rich,” Evans said. “We are hoping to keep employees busy and keep cash flowing.”

Currently much of the disinfecting in Canada is being done by existing workers in jurisdictions but he believes this could change.

“We think that’s fantastic and should be continued,” said Evans, who explained that once restrictions begin to lift, disinfection services like his will be critical to keep workplaces safe for as long as the virus is around.

“Going through all this I’ve learned a lot about chemistry, about the implications this has on business in terms of insurance and people, and if there is anybody in construction or the trades who wants help, we are open to sharing,” said Evans. “At the end of the day, we want this virus to be eliminated from the planet.”

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David Welch Image David Welch

We are testing our pumps today in UK using a persistent action chemical. We are normally a resin injection company for concrete infrastructure and started using low pressure operations from Monday
Great news and it pays people to keep jobs too.


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