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Pre-Bid Projects

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The Construction Record Podcast – Episode 317: 2023 Halloween Special

Journal Of Commerce Image Journal Of Commerce

It’s that time of year again as digital media editor Warren Frey and correspondent Peter Kenter delve into the spooky and ghoulish side of construction with a look at their favorite structures that may or may not be host to unexplained apparitions and forces beyond life and death.

Peter interviewed Haunted Walks director Jim Dean for an upcoming story about infrastructure hauntings around Ontario, including the tale of the tunnel monster of Cabbagetown, a legend from 1979 about a Gollum-like creature hiding underneath Parliament St in Toronto, a haunted bridge in Scarborough, and an investigation into the paranormal properties of the CN Tower.

Warren also spoke to ghost stories and odd structures from Edmonton, including the University of Alberta, his alma mater, which sports both the spirit of a nurse wandering Pembina Hall and urban myths about the maze-like structure of the Biological Sciences Building, and spoke about the Winchester House in San Jose and Borley Rectory, allegedly the most haunted place in the entire United Kingdom. As is tradition, Warren and Peter also both gave their favorite haunted houses in literature and film to round out the podcast.

You can listen to The Construction Record on the Daily Commercial News and Journal of Commerce websites as well as on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Amazon Music’s podcast section. Our previous podcast with Dr. Jon Callegher about attracting young people to the construction industry is here. Thanks for listening.

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