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Good jobs creation and low unemployment rates are pivotal to GDP growth and construction activity.

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Ranking of Canadian Provincial Labour Markets

For April, Quebec & B.C. were the only provinces to record unemployment rates lower than the Canada-wide figure (8.1%) and y/y jobs increases higher than the country-wide performance (+15.4%). Ontario's labour market is at the back of the pack on both fronts.

The latest data is for April, 2021.

Data source: Statistics Canada / Chart: ConstructConnect-CanaData.

Canadian Provincial Labour Markets

Ontario is currently accounting for the largest portion (32.4%) of the national year-over-year jobs increase. Quebec (28.2%) is not far behind in 2nd spot. Next in line are B.C. (15.6%) & Alberta (11.7%).

Data source (seasonally adjusted figures): Statistics Canada/Tables: ConstructConnect — CanaData.