Publication date


Kitchener, Ontario
110, 130, 136 Fergus Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario
This is to certify that the contract for the following improvement:
Condominiums - Apartment Building
To the above premises was substantially performed on:
March 31, 2021
Date certificate signed:
April 1, 2021
Name of owner:
Vanlegend Fergus LP by its General Partner, Vanlegend Fergus GP Corporation
Address for service:
22 King Street South, Suite 300, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 1N8
Name of contractor:
VanMar Constructors ON 1024 Inc.
Address for service:
145 Goddard Crescent, Cambridge, ON N3E 0B1
Identification of premises for preservation of liens:
110, 130, 136 Fergus Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario

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