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Record building permits for Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent

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Record building permits for Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent
BOROUGH OF SAINT-LAURENT — The Cite Midtown project will feature 11 buildings totalling 800 housing units on Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, redesigning the entrance to Saint-Laurent.

MONTREAL — The Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent has announced record building permit values for 2020.

With all categories combined, the projects approved by Saint-Laurent’s Urban Planning Advisory Committee in 2020 totalled more than $517 million, up $117 million or almost 30 per cent compared to 2019, which was also a record-breaking year, stated a Jan. 18 release. The value of permits has almost doubled since 2018.

With an increase of nearly $86 million, or approximately 43 per cent, for a total of $284 million, the residential sector continued strong growth that began several years ago.

Among the major residential projects, the transit-oriented development sector of the Bois-Franc station was notable, the statement said.

The Rue des Pyrenees, a project consisting of 32 units of adjacent single-family homes has been approved, for a total of nearly $14 million. This development is aiming for LEED Silver certification.

As for Square Norseman, currently under construction, plans call for a total of 58 units of adjacent single-family homes spread out around a new square. In 2020, 23 units, with a value totalling $18 million, were already confirmed. This development is aiming for LEED Gold certification.

Other major projects include the Cite Midtown project. Located on Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, at the entrance to Saint-Laurent, on what was once an industrial site, once completed it will be comprised of 11 buildings, with a total of 800 housing units of all types. In 2020, construction on 437 units got underway, for a value of $109 million. The project also includes a pedestrian piazza, a shared street, bioretention infrastructure, green roofs, a neighbourhood park, social and affordable housing as well as local services.

As for the industrial sector, an increase of more than 54 per cent has been recorded. The value of permits amounted to $191 million, up approximately $67 million over the previous year.

Highlights include the construction of the Centre de traitement des matieres organiques (organic waste treatment centre), which continues. Located on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa and valued at $80 million, this plant will be able to annually process 50,000 metric tonnes of organic waste. Aiming for LEED Gold certification, it will include a green roof.

In the commercial sector, the owners of the Place Vertu shopping centre are planning the construction of two new two-storey commercial buildings in front of Boulevard de la Cote-Vertu, for an overall investment of nearly $8 million. The buildings are aiming for LEED Gold certification with the installation of solar panels on the roof and a 55 per cent canopy with the addition of green spaces totalling nearly 6,000 square metres.

“These excellent results are all the more remarkable because they were achieved in the difficult context of a global pandemic and economic slowdown. We are in fact increasing the number of development projects to attract developers and build a complete, inclusive and user-friendly living environment focused on mobility and sustainable development, with a significant emphasis on biodiversity,” commented Mayor Alan DeSousa in a statement.

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