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Pre-Bid Projects

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City of Toronto launches budget process this month

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City of Toronto launches budget process this month

TORONTO – The City of Toronto’s budget process for 2023 will be similar to previous budget cycles despite the Province of Ontario’ Bill 3 which amends the City of Toronto Act to provide for the mayor to present the city’s annual budget to city council.

In a release, the City of Toronto said Mayor John Tory has approved a budget process for this year that will remain largely the same as prior cycles and include public input.

The budget committee will launch the process with a presentation from the city manager and chief financial officer and treasurer, review service area and selected agency presentations, hear presentations from the public and provide advice to inform the budget.

As is legislatively required by provincial Bill 3, the mayor will propose a budget to the city clerk and members of council by Wednesday, Feb. 1. Before the mayor’s budget is presented, it will go through the same processes of public and committee consultation as has been done in the past. Council will then consider the mayor’s budget, along with budget-related items within council authority at a special meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

  • The 2023 budget process timelines are as follows:
  • Budget Committee Launch: Jan. 10
  • Budget Committee Review: Jan. 12 and Jan. 13
  • Budget Committee Public Presentations: Jan. 17 and 18
  • Budget Committee Wrap Up: Jan. 24
  • Mayor’s Proposed Budget Release: by Feb. 1
  • City Council (Special): Feb. 14

Speakers are asked to register by email at or call 416-392-4666 by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 16.

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