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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Toronto construction season includes $1.14B worth of work

Toronto construction season includes $1.14B worth of work

TORONTO — Toronto’s 2023 construction season will include more than $1.14 billion of work planned for roads, bridges, expressways, TTC tracks, sewers and watermains, deputy mayor Jennifer McKelvie announced recently.

This year, the city is investing approximately $426 million from the 2023 Budget on rehabilitation and improvements to transportation infrastructure to keep the city’s infrastructure in a state of good repair including: $156 million on bridges, culverts and other transportation infrastructure in the municipal right-of-way; $65 million on major roads; $72 million on local roads; $68 million on expressways, including the F.G. Gardiner Strategic Rehabilitation; $42 million on sidewalks and cycling infrastructure; and $23 million on Vision Zero infrastructure and the Road Safety Plan.

The city also has a comprehensive pothole repair program with a budget of approximately $4.6 million.

About $713 million will be invested in water infrastructure including: $278 million on watermain and water services; $117 million on local sewer replacement and rehabilitation and forcemains; $225 million on basement flooding protection; and $93 million on storm water management projects including the Don River and Central Waterfront.

Some of the major upcoming projects planned include:

  •  Coxwell Avenue and Gerrard Street East/Eastwood Road streetcar track replacement and watermain replacement.
  • Broadview Avenue from Gerrard Street East to Danforth Avenue watermain rehabilitation and streetcar track replacement.
  • Bloor Street West from Avenue Road to Spadina Avenue Road reconstruction, pedestrian safety improvements, permanent raised cycle tracks and intersection improvements.
  • Adelaide Street from York Street to Victoria Street streetcar track installation.
  • University Avenue from Queen Street West to College Street watermain replacement and road resurfacing.
  • Ossington Avenue from Queen Street West to Argyle Street Road resurfacing.
  • The Queensway from South Kingsway to Ellis Avenue sewer replacement and forcemain renewal.
  • Bloor Street West over Elmcrest Creek bridge rehabilitation.
  • Fairbank Memorial Park to Black Creek and various local streets Fairbank Silverthorn tunnel and storm sewers for basement flooding protection.
  • Rowanwood Avenue, Thornwood Road, Chestnut Park and Roxborough Street replacement of a 100-year-old watermain.
  • O’Connor Drive from Glenwood Crescent to Bermondsey Road sewer upgrades, new public plaza and green infrastructure improvements.
  • Martin Grove Road from Rexdale Boulevard to Westhumber Boulevard watermain replacement.
  • Fenmar Drive from Steeles Avenue West to Weston Road and Kemar Drive from Fenmar Drive to Weston Road watermain rehabilitation.
  • Keele Street from Steeles Avenue West to Sheppard Avenue West watermain replacement.
  • Bathurst Manor area including Sheppard Avenue West and Bathurst Street sewer and watermain.
  • Westgate Avenue and other local streets sewer and watermain upgrades and road resurfacing.
  • Bathurst Street south of York Downs and other local streets sewer and watermain upgrades.
  • Victoria Park and Sheppard Avenue East sewer and watermain upgrades.
  • Allen Road under Lawrence Street West bridge rehabilitation.
  • Albion Road Bridge, over Humber River bridge rehabilitation.
  • Jane Street north of Wilson Road upgrading the storm and sanitary sewers.
  • Bayview Avenue from Lawrence Avenue East to Eglinton Avenue East Road resurfacing and watermain replacement.
  • Martin Grove Road from Rexdale Boulevard to West Humber Trail watermain replacement.
  • McCowan Road Bridge over West Highland Creek bridge rehabilitation.

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