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Tips for National Work Zone Awareness Week

Tips for National Work Zone Awareness Week

BRAMPTON, ONT.—This week marks National Work Zone Awareness Week and the Region of Peel, Ont. is encouraging drivers to stay alert, slow down and stay focused to reduce collisions and save lives as they travel through work zones.

Speeding and distracted driving account for most work zone collisions, with fatal collisions happening more often May through September, indicates a release, adding work zones are any areas where construction is taking place on the road. 

The region offers the following tips to keep workers, pedestrians and drivers safe:

  • Be aware – Be aware of all signs throughout work zones as they provide important information that warns road users of approaching road conditions and disruptions.
  • Stay focused – Keep your eyes on the road and avoid all distractions such as cellphones and eating.
  • Slow down and keep your distance – Lane closures, reduced speeds and traffic pattern shifts are common in work zones. Be alert and expect the unexpected.
  • Be flexible – Avoid work zones wherever possible and consider taking alternative routes.
  • Protect workers – Slow down as you approach workers, give them room to work and be prepared to stop.

“Every day in our community, people are working on or near roads and are relying on all road users to be cautious and alert,” said Terry Ricketts, director of transportation with the Region of Peel, in a statement. “Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver, please remember that work zones require extra caution to help protect road workers and keep everyone safe.”     

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