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Zoomlion breaks world record as the largest internal climbing tower crane

DCN News Services
Zoomlion breaks world record as the largest internal climbing tower crane

CHANGDE, CHINA — Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., a Chinese maker of engineering and agricultural equipment, has set a new world record with the world’s largest internal climbing tower crane capable of lifting 120 tonnes, the equivalent of 17 elephants.

The LH3350-120, a super-heavy internal climbing luffing tower crane, came off the assembly line in mid-October.

The international luffing tower crane market has seen growing demand for larger products, indicates a release, adding mega-sized internal climbing tower cranes have become the power player in super highrise building constructions as they are capable of lifting substantial weight at height while excelling in obstacle avoidance.

The LH3350-120 model features include:

A lifting speed of 100m/min guarantees working efficiency while being capable of ensuring accuracy at a minimum rate of 8.5mm/s;

A 73-metre internal climbing shaft, a new world record for the industry.

Reduced construction costs by 35 percent by decreasing the climbing frequency at an altitude of 600 metres in super high-rise building constructions; and

Compared to similar products, the LH3350-120 has a cross-sectional area of 3.25m by 3.25m, which improves adaptability in narrower construction conditions.

In addition, the 120-tonne giant is more convenient and efficient to assemble, disassemble and transport — courtesy of the model’s trussed balance boom connected to an upper bearing and standard knot positioning pin shaft and bolted connection, states the release. It also features core intelligent and networked technologies such as electro-hydraulic proportional control, hydraulic drive and remote management.

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