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USAI Lighting launches ultra-small LED system

USAI Lighting launches ultra-small LED system
USAI LIGHTING—LittleOnes light fixtures from USAI Lighting feature apertures of less than one inch.

NEW WINDSOR, N.Y.—LED manufacturer USAI Lighting has launched a new lighting product called the LittleOnes, notable for its small size and significant power.

The product, launched in June, is said to be the first collection of tiny, architectural-grade recessed ceiling-light fixtures capable of delivering over 1000 lumens and installed and serviced from below the ceiling. The LED lights are suitable for homes, offices and public spaces, stated a release.

The LittleOnes is a full line of fixtures, all with apertures of less than one inch.  

“We are very proud to have catapulted the industry to new limits with the engineering breakthrough that is the LittleOnes,” said Bonnie Littman, president and CEO of USAI Lighting, in a statement. “It is now possible to beautifully and evenly light any room with fixtures the size of a quarter, capable of delivering more light than the larger, unsightly six-inch-diameter fixtures still widely used today and requiring extensive renovation to install.”

Features include ceiling to floor wall wash from a less than one-inch aperture achieved through a five-part optical system; adjustable and dimmable lights; and square and round wall wash options. Four fixtures light a 100 square-foot space. 

The collection begins shipping in July.

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