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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Mitrex to install tallest solar facade at Halifax’s St. Mary's University

Mitrex to install tallest solar facade at Halifax’s St. Mary's University

TORONTO — Mitrex, a Toronto-based manufacturer of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), has announced a plan to install an integrated solar facade at a student residence at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, a project set to earn the distinction of being the tallest BIPV micro-grid application in North America.

The decentralized energy source will connect with the Nova Scotia grid but will also have the capacity to disconnect from the grid and function autonomously in what is termed “island mode,” stated a recent release.

The installation will be done by a team that includes Mitrex, DSRA Architects, Dillon Consulting and BMR Structural Engineering, with construction overseen by EllisDon and Markland Construction. The new facade is expected to be completed in early 2023.

The retrofit on the south facade will consist of over 6,000 square feet of solar cladding, accented by vertical, semi-opaque solar glass integrated into the windows. The panels will incorporate the school colours of maroon and white.

Mitrex offers a product line of solar integrated building materials that includes facades, roofs, railings and windows.

“Projects like the SMU retrofit with other like-minded establishments can effectively showcase the vast opportunities offered by new technologies in the building and construction sector,” stated Mitrex CEO Danial Hadizadeh in a statement. “The building community needs to think of micro-grids as a must and not an option and rethink their contributions to carbon emissions on every level from carbon used to make the products to powering the structure post-construction.”


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