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United Brotherhood of Carpenters: U.S. Capitol mob consists of ‘thugs not patriots’

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United Brotherhood of Carpenters: U.S. Capitol mob consists of ‘thugs not patriots’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Lawless mobs attempting to subvert U.S. democracy are thugs, not patriots, said the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) and Joiners of America in a statement released recently in response to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.   

“We condemn, unequivocally and as strongly as possible, those who attempted to subvert our democratic system of government by disrupting the important work of our elected leaders,” reads the statement. “Those who attempted to delay the certification of the election of President-elect Joe Biden by storming and vandalizing the Capitol building are only worthy of the scorn and contempt of their fellow citizens. These are in no way patriots. These are in no way special people. They are lawless thugs and nothing more.” 

The UBC said it recognizes the inadequacy of the preparation and inequity demonstrated by the police response to the crisis. 

Recent history has shown us that it would have been dramatically different had that crowd been a diverse group demonstrating against police brutality or for immigrant rights,” indicates the statement. It seems likely that had the crowd been filled with union activists – men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds representative of our great union’s membership  the police response would have been swift, overwhelming and violent. 

Seeing the symbol of our democracy attacked by a mob for hours with almost no response was just as disturbing  especially as the riot resulted in the loss of life, including of a member of the police. 

The UBC said it will not forget what occurred that day and the events which led up to it. 

To those who directly provoked this insurrection or who, through propagating political lies and conspiracies for their own political gain helped lay the groundwork for it, we say that history will judge you, and we will remember you if you ever again run for office.” 

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