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Inaugural VRCA Legacy Luncheon sees 37 appointed as lifetime board members

Evan Saunders
Inaugural VRCA Legacy Luncheon sees 37 appointed as lifetime board members
EVAN SAUNDERS - Vancouver Regional Construction Association President Donna Grant at the inaugural Legacy Luncheon on April 6. Thirty-seven past board members of the VRCA were inducted to the new honorary board of governors as a way to continue their involvement with the association and industry.

The Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) is honouring past members of its board of directors with the opportunity to continue shaping the construction industry for the better.

During the VRCA’s first-ever Legacy Luncheon, 37 past board members were inducted onto the new honorary board of governors.

“I’m pretty ecstatic to be honest. This is not something I expected but definitely something I’ve been kind of working towards in my career,” said inductee Adam Timler, business development manager with Metal Building Group, in an interview.

Dozens of industry members gathered at the Riverway Golf Club to celebrate the Legacy Luncheon and the industry, eat some food and hear a speech from keynote speaker Rick Hansen.

VRCA president Donna Grant said the creation of the honorary board was a way of respecting those who have made significant contributions in the history of the VRCA and keep them in the fold.

“This is a lifetime appointment to people who have served on our board of directors,” Grant said.

Perhaps more importantly, the creation of the board allows former members to continue to contribute.

“The way it came about was a few of our former board members said to me, ‘You know, I finally figured out how to be effective on the board of directors and you kicked me to the curb,’” she said.

“I thought, ‘What a wasted resource and how unappreciative of us to let that happen. How can we recognize people in a way that they can participate as much as they want or as little as they want?’ And so I thought of this honorary board of governors.”

The idea that so many knowledgeable people didn’t have a clear avenue to share their skills and wisdom with the industry was a clear issue to tackle.

“You hate to let the tribal knowledge leave,” Grant said.

Timler said he’s always thrived as part of a community and he “hit the ground running” after getting elected to the VRCA Board of Directors.

“These are the kind of people I want to be working with ― good people doing great things and just trying to improve our industry.”

The board has been designed so inductees can contribute as much, or as little, as they see fit.

EVAN SAUNDERS – Adam Timler is one of 37 inaugural inductees to the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s honorary board of governors. Timler, business development manager with Metal Building Group, says he is proud of his advocacy for prompt payment legislation in British Columbia.

 “People have given a lot of their time already, so it’ll be entirely up to them. Hopefully, after today, we’ll find out if they want to have a couple of meetings a year or if they just want it to be the luncheon once a year.”

David McFarlane, senior vice-president with EllisDon and honourary board inductee, was enthusiastic about having a new avenue with which to continue working with the industry outside.

“It’s certainly kind of a neat concept, right? I’ve been very active for a long time, not just in the VRCA but other associations as well,” McFarlane said. “And then you kind of feel like you’ve given all you can after a while, but something like this makes you rethink what you still have to give.

“I think there’s a place for this new type of structure, for special initiatives or just bringing a different perception rather than working on the board.”

McFarlane said there is a wealth of expertise that passes through an association like the VRCA and it’s exciting to see a new way for that knowledge to be utilized.

“Especially with a multi-discipline association like the VRCA. We represent vendors, subtrades, general contractors and other affiliated people. So, it’ll be really kind of neat to bring that old guard together,” he said.

“I think we really have some things to offer.”

McFarlane said his focus for Construction and Skilled Trades Month in B.C. is advocating for safety.

“It’s always been about a safe work environment for me, mentally and physically.”

Timler said he is proud of his past work on prompt payment initiatives and is continuing the keep that top of mind for construction month.

Grant said the Legacy Luncheon is an example of what she is focused on for this year’s construction month.

“I’m celebrating our members because they don’t have time to celebrate themselves. They do so much, they accomplish so much and overcome so many obstacles and challenges,” Grant said.

“We sometimes forget that the hospitals and schools and our homes were put together by individuals who are maybe missing dinner with their families or staying awake at night worrying about how they are going to get a project done on time. We’re taking a moment to say, ‘Job well done.’”

EVAN SAUNDERS – Past Vancouver Regional Construction Association chair Craig Mitchell, inductee to the new honorary board of governors Rick Stockstad and VRCA president Donna Grant at the association’s inaugural Legacy Luncheon on April 6 at the Riverway Golf Course clubhouse.

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