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Manitoba investing $50 million in major north-south highway corridor

Manitoba investing $50 million in major north-south highway corridor

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government plans to spend $50 million improving Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 75 between Winnipeg and the United States border this year.

“Highway 75 is a major north–south corridor that supports significant international trade,” said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler in a press release. “Investing in our highways supports economic growth and will have a positive impact on Manitoba’s economy for years to come.”

Projects slated for this summer include full concrete reconstruction or rehabilitation in some areas, intersection improvements and one culvert replacement.

 Projects currently underway include:

  • reconstruction of the northbound lanes from the United States border to Provincial Road (PR) 243;
  • intersection improvements at PR 243, including reconstructing PR 200 east of PTH 75;
  • culvert replacement at Kronsgart Drain, 5.9 kilometres south of the junction of PTH 23;
  • concrete repair projects at various southbound lane locations; and
  • concrete reconstruction in the northbound lanes from 6.6 kilometres north of PTH 14 to 800 metres south of the junction at PTH 23.

The work includes flood mitigation measures off Morris by raising the elevation of the northbound lanes to 2009 flood levels.

The province is also planning to begin construction to pave PR 246 from gravel to Road Transportation Association of Canada standards from PTH 23 near Morris to PR 205 near Aubigny. This will allow traffic to be rerouted around the sections of PTH 75 that are most prone to flood closure. In early June, the province announced it would invest $16 million to create a flood-proof alternate route to PTH 75.

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