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Worker monitoring company offers services to combat COVID-19

Worker monitoring company offers services to combat COVID-19

Tsunami Solutions, a company that sells cloud-based worker safety monitoring and management tools, is offering its worker monitoring services for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tsunami announced it is offering its safety check-in monitoring and notification solutions, SafetyLine and Scatterling, free of charge, to new subscribers working in healthcare or essential public services.  

“The people on the front lines are our heroes,” said Kyle Touhey, president of Scatterling. “They are helping us, and we want to help them where we can. Since our service can help them stay safer, we feel we have to offer it without charge right now.” 

In a press release, Tsunami stated that it wants to both help and thank those heroes by offering its services at no cost for three months to healthcare or essential-services organizations.

Additionally, SafetyLine and Scatterling are also available for 50 percent off to new subscribers from all other impacted organizations whose employees need to work remotely because of the pandemic.  

The company noted that the COVID-19 pandemic means more are working in isolation, worplaces are more hazardous and frontline workers need to be kept safe so the community can be kept safe. 

SafetyLine and Scatterling are automated check-in monitoring tools. Using apps, phones, or satellite devices, workers report status updates and locations, and set timers. Unless they check-in before those timers expire, monitors get notified that their workers might be in danger. Workers can also signal for help with a panic button, or with motion-sensing man-down and impact detection. In the case of an emergency, monitors are shown the worker’s history and profile, then prompted to follow emergency response procedures until the person gets help.  

Using these tools, if any harm comes to these vulnerable workers, someone within their organization should be notified in time to help. To sign up for this offer, go to: 



“So many people are now working remotely or alone, and in more risky conditions.” Touhey added. “It’s important that we all do what we can to make sure someone knows if any of those workers need help.” 

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