Daily Top 10 Construction Projects in Alberta

The 10 largest civil and commercial construction projects updated by ConstructConnect on June 7, 2023, totaling $164,976,708. Check back daily for the latest project updates

Value 000s Stage Project Name Location
$800,000 Planning Retail Stores, Parking Garages, Sports Arenas/Convention Centers Calgary, AB
$46,000 Planning Museums Sherwood Park, AB
$40,000 Planning Retail Stores, Apartments, Restaurants, Medical Offices Calgary, AB
$38,000 Planning Retail Stores, Apartments, Restaurants Edmonton, AB
$25,000 Bidding Sewers and Water Mains, Government - Misc. Bldgs. Anzac, AB
$19,000 Post Bid Sports Arenas/Convention Centers Sherwood Park, AB
$18,129 Post Bid Sewers and Water Mains Calgary, AB
$16,000 Planning Offices, Automotive, Food Stores, Bank, Special, Vocational Schools Calgary, AB
$11,000 Bidding Retail Stores, Restaurants, Food Stores Calgary, AB
$5,798 Post Bid Roads Edmonton, AB