Daily Top 10 Construction Projects in Canadian Prairies

The 10 largest civil and commercial construction projects updated by ConstructConnect on September 20, 2020, totaling $1,004,080,489. Check back daily for the latest project updates

Value 000s Stage Project Name Location
$120,000 Planning Prisons Saskatoon, SK
$2,320 Bidding Sewers and Water Mains Winnipeg, MB
$2,156 Post Bid Automotive, Roads Dundurn, SK
$1,320 Bidding Water and Sewage Treatment Plants Winnipeg, MB
$1,000 Planning Sewers and Water Mains Nokomis, SK
$900 Bidding Automotive Lorette, MB
$500 Bidding Military - Misc. Winnipeg, MB
$500 Bidding Roads Winnipeg, MB
$500 Bidding Roads Berens River, MB
$300 Bidding College, University Winnipeg, MB