Daily Top 10 Construction Projects in Canadian Prairies

The 10 largest civil and commercial construction projects updated by ConstructConnect on February 13, 2020, totaling $852,620,005. Check back daily for the latest project updates

Value 000s Stage Project Name Location
$11,000 Planning Hotels , Sports Arenas/Convention Centers, Government - Misc. Bldgs. Boissevain, MB
$5,000 Bidding Hospitals, Clinics Winnipeg, MB
$5,000 Bidding Fire and Police Stations, Tunnels Regina, SK
$1,000 Post Bid Power Plants and Lines Winnipeg, MB
$800 Planning Laboratories Winnipeg, MB
$760 Planning Sewers and Water Mains Winnipeg, MB
$600 Post Bid Bridges and Culverts Gull Lake, SK
$500 Planning Roads Anola, MB
$273 Post Bid Apartments Winnipeg, MB
$165 Bidding Park Facilities Kindersley, SK