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Pre-Bid Projects

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DuROCK takes first place in TCA’s Innovative Product Award

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DuROCK takes first place in TCA’s Innovative Product Award
TORONTO CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION — DuROCK came in first place for its PUCCS NC - Non Combustible EIFS in the Toronto Construction Association’s Innovative Product contest. The winners were announced at the Buildings Show.

TORONTO — The Toronto Construction Association revealed the Innovative Product Award winners recently at the Buildings Show (Construct Canada) with a unique exterior insulation system taking the top spot.

DuROCK Alfacing International Ltd. came in first place for its PUCCS NC Non-Combustible EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system).

Recent façade fires on highrise buildings around the world have drawn attention to the use of combustible cladding and combustible insulation on the exterior of those buildings, indicates a release, adding the backbone of all EIFS is the insulation component, which is most commonly combustible foamed plastic.

Many buildings across Canada are in dire need of insulation to reduce their GHG emissions and to help make them both sustainable and resilient and the PUCCS NC System featuring PUC-ROCK mineral wool insulation is the latest innovation that provides the non-combustible solution to this dilemma.

Second place went to Mitrex for its solar cladding innovation. Mitrex Solar Facades consist of solar cells sandwiched in between a customizable tempered glass facing layer and an advanced aluminum honeycomb backing, the release states. Through the multi-layered coating process, the anti-reflective colourized cladding reflects a small amount of sunlight while absorbing the rest for energy production. An-anti soiling feature is also applied to the customizable material, ensuring dirt doesn’t accumulate which can block the sun’s rays.

PCL Construction came in third place for its Job Site Resourcing (JSR) Innovation, a one-of-a-kind solution designed specifically for jobsites to eliminate hassles in the process of construction. The mobile-friendly logistics management solution is intended for construction projects to manage the shared usage of resources and track details of delivery and movement of materials to jobsites.

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