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Bidding begins for Exhibition Station project work

Bidding begins for Exhibition Station project work
METROLINX—Bidding is now open for early works on Exhibition Station for the Ontario Line in Toronto.

TORONTO—Metrolinx has announced bidding is now open for qualified companies for early works to get Exhibition Station ready for major Ontario Line Construction.

The work is separate from the main construction contracts for South Civil and North Civil stations and tunnels.

“These pieces of work will make it much simpler and faster for crews to build the new station buildings and nearby portal for the Ontario Line,“ MetroLinx Ontario Line project sponsor Malcolm MacKay said in a statement.

“Some of the most important pieces of this work involve putting solutions in place to ensure GO customers can continue to safely and easily use the station during major construction,” he added.

Early works will include building a new station entrance and exit building to the north of the existing rail corridor, removing the existing north platform to allow for a new Ontario Line platform to the north of the existing rail corridor in future works and building a temporary pedestrian bridge over the existing tracks to give customers more ways to access GO platforms.

“With GO rail expansion work also planned in this area, carrying out these early works will help us co-ordinate Ontario Line and GO construction so we can stay on schedule and minimize disruption to existing services,” Metrolinx director of corridor infrastructure Andre Marois explained.

Work will also entail opening an unused station entrance building and a portion of the existing passenger tunnel to allow station access until the new entrance is open; elevator modernization; shifting two existing GO tracks to make room for a new GO centre platform; and shifting the GO platform to the east to allow for continued access to GO services during construction of the South Civil stations and tunnel contract.

Exhibition Station early works construction is planned to start in September.

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