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U.S. TV series looks to showcase women in the trades

Angela Gismondi
U.S. TV series looks to showcase women in the trades

Calling all females in the trades. Ready for your casting call?

JUL-TV is looking for tradeswomen to be interviewed for a 10-episode original series called Women in Trades filming this summer.

“People have been geared for the college path and there is nothing wrong with that. JUL-TV desires to show through Women in the Trades that there are other professional opportunities and we’re hoping to be able to showcase those opportunities in this summer series,” said Tom Julian, president of JUL-TV, who is based in California.

JUL-TV is a conservative television network based in the United States.

By the end of the summer he expects to have about 12 original programs in the areas of travel, food, comedy, talk, adventure and more.

“One of my biggest desires is to create a television show that would encompass women in the trades,” Julian explained.

“Women need to know that there is a boatload of opportunities for women in the trades…welding, plumbing, electrical, nursing, powerline workers and that is just hitting the surface in opportunities.

“Not to downplay the importance of college but it’s not always the best fit for someone who might enjoy doing something in the trades,” Julian added. “There is money to be made by these young men and women to go into the trades.”

While there seems to be some interest from Canadian companies, for now the series will be filmed south of the border only.

“We would love to do a story in Canada…it’s just a matter of the travel restrictions,” said Julian.

They are looking for welders, electricians, construction, do-it-yourself experts, plumbers, powerline technicians, medical, corporate and trades to take part in the series. The show will follow them around and explore what they do and why they do it.

“We want to create new voices. We want to create opportunities for young men and women to host and to be a part of the show, to go down to their construction site, of course with approval by the company, and to share their story,” said Julian. “We don’t just want it to be an informative show, we want to make it entertaining.”

Each episode will be 30 minutes. So far, the show has a host, five female welders and one plumber but more women are needed.

“We need to get the word out,” Julian said.

“I’m open to suggestions. We’re always interested if somebody feels like they have a good idea or they’re in a cool trade we’re open to hearing it…We want to follow them around and have them share what they are doing and why they are doing it.”

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