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Skills Ontario celebrates achieving Guinness World Record title

Angela Gismondi
Skills Ontario celebrates achieving Guinness World Record title

Skills Ontario Canada has made history, using a key tool from the toolbox.  

The organization has broken the Guinness World Record for Largest Online Video Chain of People Passing and Using a Screwdriver.  

A title achievement celebration was hosted by the organization on its official YouTube channel June 16.

“It is now time for us to reveal the results for your official attempt,” said a Guinness World Records spokesperson in the video. “Skills Canada Ontario, we have received your evidence for the Guinness World Records title for the largest online video chain of people passing and using a screwdriver and our team of highly trained record specialists have reached a decision. The minimum to beat was 250 videos. I can now confirm that your attempt to break the record has been successful.”

The record attempt was launched May 5 and ran until June 2 and the results were officially announced June 7. Skills Ontario received 381 video submissions, surpassing its goal of 251 videos. While participation was open to everyone, it was focused on women in the skilled trades.

In addition to providing a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity for participants to set a record, the initiative also provided an educational opportunity. An educational package and guide was provided to all participants, spotlighting women who have made significant contributions in the skilled trades and technologies. The guide also gave participants, including educators who used it as teaching tools for their classrooms, information about the history of the screw and the screwdriver.

The event featured comments from Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario; Skills Ontario staff; Jill Dunlop, associate minister of children and women’s issues of Ontario; Monte McNaughton, minister of labour, training and skills development; Stephen Lecce, minister of education; and tradeswomen.

“Along with establishing a record we worked to make this attempt educational,” said Lindsay Chester, young women’s initiatives program manager with Skills Ontario.

“Every single person who participated helped Skills Ontario support current and future skilled professionals by learning about these pathways. You are now a part of history. We all came together with one goal in mind and we did it so thank you.”

Jamie McMillan, founder of KickAss Careers, an ironworker and boilermaker said “participants of all ages joined this record attempt. Children as young as three years old took part in this fun and unique opportunity to learn about skilled trades and technologies.”

The video submission guidelines included that each participant must be equipped with their own commercially available screwdriver as well as a surface or object where a screw can be inserted; the videos in the chain must be of a single individual receiving a screwdriver from out of frame (left hand to right hand) and passing the screwdriver out of the other frame.

All of the individuals must receive the screwdriver and use it to screw into the surface/item and pass the screwdriver in the same direction; and the screw must be completely screwed in prior to the participant passing the screwdriver to the next participant.

The record-setting chain of videos can be viewed here: 


SKILLS ONTARIO—Skills Ontario now holds the Guinness World Record title for Largest Online Video Chain of People Passing and Using a Screwdriver. A virtual celebration was held June 16. In total, 381 video submissions were received and submitted, surpassing the record of 250 videos.

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